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Poetry Fox at the Monster Drawing Rally, 8/25 at the NCMA

The Poetry Fox will be making typewriter art that you can buy the instant it’s done at the Monster Drawing Rally on Fri., Aug. 25, 6-9pm at the North Carolina Museum of Art. I wrote about last year’s rally for ArtsNow–it was way too much fun. Artists sit at long tables making original work on […]

Stacy Lynn Waddell gave in

…and got on Instagram. And boy is she making up for lost time. @stacylynnwaddell

Sadie’s section of wall

My daughter Sadie took an anime camp at Artspace in Raleigh. The class worked on a mural throughout the week, and this is Sadie’s section. Proud dad!

Victor Ekpuk at the NCMA (Indy Week)

“Ekpuk describes the composition as a divine embrace, but the arms could be read as a crowded space of containment, like a refugee camp or border wall. The empty zeros might exude the banal homogeneity of power.” Read the review of Ekpuk’s mural in the new African galleries at the North Carolina Museum of Art, […]

Nina Chanel Abney at the Nasher (Delicious Line)

“In a moment of heated activist art, Nina Chanel Abney handles the politics of race and gender with a cool head and a long view.” Read the review of Nina Chanel Abney: Royal Flush at the Nasher Museum of Art in Delicious Line.

Interview: Nina Chanel Abney

“I just try to create dualities and mix the races and genders of the figures. That’s my way of giving myself the freedom of being able to paint whatever I want without it being for a specific reason.” I had a great conversation with Nina Chanel Abney before her Royal Flush show opened at the […]