Month: February 2017

Interview: Nina Chanel Abney

“I just try to create dualities and mix the races and genders of the figures. That’s my way of giving myself the freedom of being able to paint whatever I want without it being for a specific reason.” I had a great conversation with Nina Chanel Abney before her Royal Flush show opened at the […]

Justin Tornow and Heather Gordon collaborate at 21c (Indy Week)

“Tornow and Gordon have explored mapping life data onto image, form, and movement in prior collaborations at The Carrack and elsewhere. In Echo, they ask where that data analysis has gotten them, and express the contradictions that haunt their answers.” Read the preview of Echo, a collaborative performance at 21c Durham between artist Heather Gordon […]

Unexposed microcinema closes. Sigh.

I loved Unexposed, and I hate that I had to use the past tense to say that. The lively space that Jeremy and Brendan Smyth ran for around a year reminded me how lucky I had been to stumble into Stan Brakhage’s film salons when I was in school in Boulder, which opened that whole […]